The Words of a Broken Heart #2

I write and I read.
In my heart, I now bleed.

A tearful sorrow of what could have been is engulfed by my comfort in a God who’s unseen

A beautiful story began in the night and wound up in pieces I took no delight

Many a times I try my best to say
That in spite all that happens, to God I will pray

I struggle to come to terms with what could have been,
A beautiful story that will never be seen

A wordsmith, I’m gifted
With words I create
My words I will pen them and pray for a date
That I’ll clear my heart’s tension and set this record straight
On why this has happened, an endless debate

I struggle, I struggle
Some days I can’t relate
On why tragedy happened to what seemed like fate

The end beats beginnings my Bible tells me
But sweet in my thoughts was day one jamboree
Of laughter and snickers and warm bear hugs
Cut short so abruptly as though bit by a bug

It is well with my soul but is it well with my soul?
A hope burning bright is now put out and cold

It gets me, it gets me
At how things can get messy
When once upon a time, you’d ask who and I’d say bestie


That A Lady


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